Wet Nose Wednesday

Meet the Pets at Jenni’s Rescue Ranch

Noel (3)

We have a very special edition of Wet Nose Wednesday!

Meet a few of the dogs at Jenni’s Rescue Ranch that you can meet and adopt at our Carpet Liquidators event on Saturday, September 9th from 12PM-3PM at the Kirkland Carpet Liquidators location!


Meet Noel – I was rescued with my three babies during Christmastime from a very sad situation. When I arrived, I had almost no hair and my skin was horrible. I had almost given up hope. My babies found wonderful homes, I made it through heartworm treatment, and now I am ready for my forever home too. When people come to see just me, I get so happy. I don’t jump up and I am gentle on the leash! I absolutely love when I get baths because the warm water and gentle touch of hands feel so good! I know I’m loved now. Did you know Noel means ‘to be born’, I think that’s the perfect name for me!


Meet Mandy Sparkeldust – Mandy Sparkledust is the epitome of a couch potato! Her strictly daily routine consists of waking up and taking a quick four lap run of the perimeter of the backyard, then she enjoys coming inside and enjoying some ice cubes too cool off from her morning excersise. Afterwards, she makes her way to the couch where she will lay for as long as her foster mom will allow. When interrupted from her beauty sleep she lets out a brief moan to notify her foster mom of the disturbance she has caused. Potty training is coming along very nicely for this sweet girl! She is the cuddliest, friendliest, sweetest girl! A very calm demeanor but don’t under estimate her. Her need for speed can come creeping out at any given second!!! She is the last of her litter but most certainly the sweetest!


Meet Kurt – an adult male


Meet Bob Barker!


To learn more about these lovable pets and Jenni’s Rescue Ranch click HERE or fill out an application form TODAY!


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