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Finances in the time of CoVID19, Deanna Brown CFP provides food for thought

Deanna Brown CFP has almost 20 years in the investment and financial services industry. And if we ever needed this education, this would be the time. We might be discovering our relationship with money is different and we might make some good, significant changes going forward, Deanna suggests. She stresses the need to communicate with…

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Dr. John Knutson, PacMed: Distinguish allergies from CoVID symptoms

Dr. John Knutson is a physician with Pac Med and with his specialties being in the fields of Allergy and Immunology, he brings good and important knowledge--afterall, knowledge is power! So, if dealing with CoVID 19, were not enough, we have allergy season going on, and that is just making our life a bit more…

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Amy Shira Teitel Discusses Her New Book “Fighting for Space”

Amy Shira Teitel is a spaceflight historian, one of very few academically trained women in the field, an author, and public speaker. She shares about her new and exciting book: Fighting for Space--Two Pilots and Their Historic battle for Female Spaceflight. This is such a great and informative read...something to definitely help us during this…

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Anita K, Behaving Bravely: How to Mindshift Life’s Challenges

Anita K is a certified Executive & Life Coach and author of "Behaving Bravely: How to Mindshift Life's Challenges" . The title says it all--all of us can use a bit of shifting our mind during a challenging time--which is one description of our current reality. It's tough to do on our own, so to…

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