Dianna Rose

Elle King chosen as a judge on a new music competition show!

Close up of woman singing into vintage microphone

I guess we just can’t get enough of music competition shows. American Idol….The Voice…. the X Factor… now add another to the batch – “American Supergroup” is the latest, and Elle King has been chosen to be one of the judges! Elle King

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Diamond for Adele!


You’ve heard of albums going gold….. and platinum… but diamond?  Yep, Adele crosses the 10 million sales mark with ’25’!   Adele ’25’

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Alright Millennials….take a look at this survey, and see if you fit the mold!

Millennials word cloud

A recent survey of millennials was conducted to see what this cohort knows, and doesn’t know, about (fairly) recent pop culture.  Check out the list to see if you are like those in this survey (especially if you’re an “M”), or if you are more savvy than your peers! Millenials survey  

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Shiny object video moment! SO cute!

Kid Playing Hide Seek Smiling Concept

These parents strapped a Go-Pro camera on their toddler’s forehead as they played hide and seek! But guess who gives them away….   Hide n Seek

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Trading in touring for a diploma?

Credit: Vega 26LY

Adele has earned a break!  After her huge string of hits, she apparently wants to take some time off to focus on being a mom, and fulfill a dream to earn a university degree! Adele

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Fun and affordable autumn craft ideas for the kids (and you too!)

preparations for autumn craft with kids. Herbarium from dried leaves. Learning children at home fall nature collage.

Whether its pressing leaves between wax paper, or making a pine cone wreath, there are tons of fun and creative craft activities you can do with the whole family to decorate your home for the fall season!  (including some fun ideas for Halloween!)   fall craft ideas with the kids

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Inflatable bike helmets?

Beautiful young girl in a bicycle crash isolated in white

Whether for recreation or for commuting, bicycling is huge in the Northwest!  Inventors in Sweden have come up with an inflatable helmet which is worn like a scarf, letting you feel the wind through your hair!!!…only inflating when a crash occurs.  So if you enjoy two-wheeling around the Puget Sound, is this something you’d invest in? inflatable bike helmet

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How you can still help 9-11 victims

Credit: Thomas E. Franklin

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since the 9-11 attacks, yet at the same time, it feels like yesterday.  There are still ways that we can help victims of the attack, especially the first responders. helping 9-11 victims

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