Dianna Rose

Creative dishes with Thanksgiving leftovers!

Homemade Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich with Turkey Cranberries and Stuffing

Ok, so your fridge is probably ‘stuffed’ with containers of leftovers from yesterday’s Thanksgiving meal.  Want some creative ways to ‘dish’ up some cool recipes? Leftovers  

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“But what do vegans eat for Thanksgiving?”

List of pumpkin dishes. Pumpkin Latte; Pumpkin stuffed with meat and vegetables; pumpkin tartlet; pumpkin soup; pumpkin puree.

…a lot!  At Thanksgiving time, my family and I are always asked this question.  The truth is… we stuff ourselves! So many recipes can be vegan-modified.  And even though there are plenty of faux-turkey products, there are also some amazing from-scratch recipes that will delight non-vegans as well! Vegan Thanksgiving recipes  

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Tips for online holiday shopping!

Online Shopping

More and more of us are doing our holiday shopping online….. here are some tips on timing to get the best deals! #1069christmas On-line holiday shopping tips  

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Pregnant P!nk!


Pink just posted on her Instagram page that she’s pregnant with baby #2!  And by the looks of the ‘bump’, she’s had this news for awhile! P!nk

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Back to Standard Time…. how to deal with it!

Asian Exhausted driver yawning and driving  car

Ok, so it’s lighter in the morning, but it’ll be dark earlier.  So how could this affect our mood?  Ways to combat the darkness! “Fall Back” and ways to deal with the darker days

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