Wet Nose Wednesday

Meet The Amazing Mabel

WNW Mabel

Meet Mabel, she’s a 12 year old Chihuahua mix.  Mabel is tri-pawed doggy, one hind leg was amputated recently.  She is also blind, and her eyes were surgically removed.  Mabel has also had some dental work done recently to remove some damaged teeth, although she has no problem eating kibble.  She’s super sweet and easy to care for.  She loves to eat and she sure loves to nap in the sun.  She’s comfortable in a house with kids, cats and other dogs, although she may be best for someone who works from home or retired.  Look at those amazing ears!  Interested parties should reach out to PAWS adoption advisors at the Lynnwood campus.

For more information on Mabel and the PAWS organization click HERE.