Wet Nose Wednesday

Meet Ranger – The Magnificent

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This is Ranger! He is a 2.5 year old large shepherd mix with so much love to give. So many of NOAH Center volunteers have asked why he hasn’t been adopted yet and honestly his home just hasn’t seen him yet.

He needs to be the only dog in the home due to being in the shelter so long which has caused stress and reactivity to other dogs. He loves people and has done really well with children. He is very tolerant and respectful of people.

Someone has definitely worked with him before and he knows several basic commands. Due to his size and breeds he can be a bit of an escape artist if bored/under stimulated. He needs activity and mental stimulation in his home so that he has something to do. He loves puzzle feeders, kongs, mental games etc. Ranger is a very intelligent dog that really just wants to find his people to love.

For more information about Ranger and the NOAH Center click HERE!