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Meet Princess Rosie

When she kicked cancer, she wanted to start a youtube channel.

So she did!!

“A lot of kids don’t make it. Hunter Rose Jones is one of the lucky ones.”

During a routine dental cleaning, Hunter Rose’s dentist noticed a bump in the then 4-year-old’s mouth.

“It only took a week for a cancer diagnosis and treatment to begin” said her dad, Jay.

“We were told that Hunter Rose had high risk stage four neuroblastoma.

Childhood cancer wasn’t even on our radar at all, she didn’t have any symptoms.”

To pass the time Hunter Rose found joy and distraction watching YouTube,

her favorite star being Steven Sharer.

She told her dad that when she beat this thing,

she wanted to start her own YouTube channel to inspire others,

the way Sharer had inspired her.

Meet Princess Rosie

Youtube Channel

Full story: HERE

My Favorite!!! Hey Rosie, You are on the radio!

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