Wet Nose Wednesday

Meet Peeps – The Shy Rabbit

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Hi I’m Peeps, a white female rabbit. I must admit I can be a tad shy around new people, but once I warm up to you I enjoy gentle pets on my forehead.

The best way to bond with me is to spend time with me on the floor, and shower me with plenty of greens and timothy hay!

I am a domestic rabbit and it is recommend that adopters keep me indoors. The nice thing about having an indoor rabbit is that I can come out of my cage for bunny playtime, in a rabbit proof area of the home. It’s during this supervised playtime that rabbits often exhibit some of our most fun and interesting behaviors!

I would love a family who will interact with me daily to keep me active and social! When rabbits get the space and enrichment we need, we often form deep bonds with our humans!

My personality color is BLUE. I am a gentle and loving rabbit who likes to take things slow. I may get nervous in new situations, so I am looking for a family who understands that I might need some time to warm up. Once I get to know you, I will be a very devoted friend!


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