Wet Nose Wednesday

Meet Juniper – The Spectacular Dog

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Juniper is such a lovely dog! She’s friendly, playful and loves to hang out with people and play fetch. Juniper also loves to ride shot gun with her companion, going everywhere and sniffing the air! Being a smart dog, she has learned fast on her leash and is working hard on working with other dogs.

Originally from California, she was hit by a car and returned to the shelter. She made her way to Greyhound Pets, Inc in May 2021, and is now waiting for her forever home. Juniper would love nothing more than to go home with someone who’s loving and patient. Despite her “hound” looks, after a DNA test, everyone was surprised she has no Greyhound in her! She’s more lab and it shows!

To learn more about Juniper and Greyhound Pets, Inc. click HERE!