Wet Nose Wednesday

Meet Jacob – The Best Boy!


Jacob is about 65 pounds.  He is athletic, energetic, affectionate and very bright.  He needs an experienced dog owner who can meet his needs for an hour walk twice a day or a fenced back yard, preferable both. He has become great friends with other dogs while in his foster home. His desire for physical roughhousing makes him inappropriate for smaller children.  He has not been around cats but introduced slowly we think it could work.

A RASKC Volunteer has been fostering Jacob for over three weeks and he quickly learned to fit in after a five day period of rule setting. He likes physical play which is why exercise is so important.  He was brought in as an emaciated stray so can be concentrated on food but is much more relaxed now and does not resource guard.  He is very trusting and affectionate to his humans but will bark at strangers and strange noises.  Less over time as be becomes comfortable with the environment.

Jacob is very affectionate and has quickly become part of his foster family.  An experienced dog owner with the time to exercise and train Jacob will have a loving friend for life.


To learn more about Jacob and RASKC click HERE!

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