Wet Nose Wednesday

Meet Brewski and Argus – The Shy Guys!

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Brewski (left) is a shy, reserved older guy. He was very nervous when he came into the shelter and he’s slowly coming out of his shell. Brewksi is becoming an affectionate and loving dog and we’re just starting to see a playful side. Brewski is very sensitive and would do best with a skilled handler who is good at reading dog body language. He has made friends with a number of people at the shelter and it’s been fun watching him slowly blossom.

Update: Brewski has made many new friends and is excited to go out to the play yard so that he can chase toys and play in the kiddie pool. Brewski seems to really enjoy water and loves to chase the hose.

Argus (right) is a big, shy Great Pyrenees. He was super scared and afraid of everything when he first arrived at the shelter. He thought doorways were portals to doom and that the floor was lava. Argus has quickly learned that doorways and floors lead to the play yard and the trail so now he’s all for them.

He loves playing with the plush chuck-it ball in our shelter play yard and he’s becoming increasingly bouncy and joyful each day. Argus does really like toys, especially when people play with them and make them exciting. He enjoys being outside and he likes his treats. Argus is looking for a family with shy dog experience who can also work with a veterinarian to keep his skin healthy and comfortable.


For more information about Brewski, Argus, and Auburn Valley Humane Society click HERE!

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