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Meet Benji – The Energetic Dog

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For those who know Benji, it’s heartbreaking to see him waiting day after day to be adopted because we know just how great he really is. While Benji can be a little uncertain of strangers at first, once you develop trust with him, he is incredibly loyal and an overall joy to be around.

Benji loves to have his belly rubbed and will never be far from you. This energetic guy would make a great adventure buddy for an outdoorsy family with older kids/teens, as younger kids make Benji feel overwhelmed.

After a fun day of playing with his human friends and his favorite toys, Benji loves to settle in with a good puzzle toy and some couch time. He enjoys affection on his own terms but is very snuggly when he wants attention!

Benji is about 2 years old. He can be fairly dog selective but got along well with a smaller dog in his past home. Benji would do best in a home familiar with cattle dogs and their needs and is ready to give him plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

Please note: If you come by to meet Benji, he is likely to bark at you through the glass at his suite. Please don’t let this deter you! He has been with us for several months and is experiencing some shelter stress, but once he’s out and in the off-leash area, you will see his true colors! We encourage you to visit with him regardless of how he reacts through the barrier of his suite.


For more information about Benji and The NOAH Center click HERE!

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