Wet Nose Wednesday

Meet Bear – The Playful Pup

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Hi! My name is Bear and I am available for adoption. I’m a 1 year old Pit Bull.

I was adopted from RASKC last year and returned on June 14, 2023 because they were moving. My owner mentioned that I get along with men and women, but was not around children. He also stated that I do not get along with other animals, but my caregivers introduced me to Cricket (A687204) while my time here and we had a blast playing! When meeting dogs in a new home, I would do best with a slow introduction.

I weigh 59.0lbs and am considered a “large breed” dog.

I am very treat and toy motivated that I will “sit”, “shake” and “lay down”.

I am full of energy and I love to play! I tend to calm down more when the people around me stay calm. I do best when I have lots of exercise and something to keep my mind busy. Due to that fact I would do best in a home with older children.

My personality color is RED. I am a spirited dog with a fun-loving personality! I am still working on my manners, so I would do best with a family who is willing to work with me and help me become the best dog I can be!