Wet Nose Wednesday

Meet Asha – The Queen of Snuggles

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They don’t call her the “Queen of Snuggles” for nothing!

Asha is a calm, sweet girl who loves to be cozy – whether on the couch, under blankets, in her foster person’s lap, or snoozing in front of the fireplace, comfort is her top priority! 

Asha has great manners and would do best in a quiet home with a fenced yard. She doesn’t fancy teenagers, cats, or other dogs. Basically, this queen just wants to be your one and only!

Since she’s been with her fosters, her confidence has grown greatly and she does well meeting new people, including her foster’s young nephew.

Asha is hopeful she’ll find her forever family to cuddle with soon.


For more info about Asha and Pawsititve Alliance click HERE!

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