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McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines May NEVER Fail Again! The Future is Bright!!

Samut Prakan, Thailand-september 12, 2019 : Mcdonalds Logo And D
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There is NOTHING worse than a craving you can’t satisfy.  We’ve all been there.  You pull up to the drive though, you order a caramel sundae, NO nuts and then the most defeating words in the whole, wide, frozen dairy dessert world:  Sorry!  The machine is out of order.   Insert uncontrollable balling here.But things are looking up… The future is SO bright I gotta wear shades… and a dark shirt that will hide the fact I’ve dripped ice cream on myself.

Of course there are haters that will say… McDonald’s ice cream ISN’T ice cream at all.  Okay… but it’s still a necessary part of my happiness so whatever.  Plus the have the BEST caramel topping ever.

Thanks McDonald’s for trying to eliminate the anxiety and disappointment from my life!