Masks and Gloves on the Ground

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Trouble in the King County sewer system!!!

All the masks and gloves left on the ground, sidwalks and streets are going somewhere.

products cannot go in the toilet.

It looks like some of you aren’t getting the message.

Sewer pipes and pumping stations are still being clogged daily by things that do not belong in the waste water.

That includes wipes, diapers, hygiene products, and now, personal protective equipment.

“Obviously, used gloves and masks are trash, and they need to go in the garbage.
Toilets are not trash cans.”

Fiore has been banging this drum for two months now,

and still people are tossing these items in the toilet.

All of these get stuck in the pumps, and they can cause serious damage to our sewer system.

Disposable masks and gloves tossed on the ground go right into the system as well with a good rain.

Fiore says “I’m hoping that the more we talk about it, the more people will realize that not

everything can go in the toilet,”she said.

“Only human waste and toilet paper.”

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