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Mars Donut, Mars Donut, MARS DONUT!!!

Mishawaka - Circa August 2018: Krispy Kreme Signage And Logo. Kr
Photo Credit: Bigstock user Jonathan Weiss

Can you tell I’m excited about what our friends, our very good friends… our BEST friends at Krispy Kreme are fryin’ up now???


And here I thought I was super thrilled about the Mars Rover itself.  Well now that it has a companion that has been rolled out, dipped in hot oil and covered in sugar… I couldn’t be happier about the scientific exploration of space.

Now we need a donut to go with all the all of the major accomplishments in the world…. ya know like… oh I don’t know… getting your tires changed, getting a haircut, going to the grocery store.

Clearly, I’d like to celebrate all things with, well, donuts!