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Mark Ronson says Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Adele are the most naturally gifted singers he’s worked with


Mark Ronson is a super-producer, having worked with incredible talents such as Paul McCartneyMichael Jackson and Dua Lipa. And he’s ready to name the artists he thinks are the most naturally gifted.

Speaking with Variety, the Silk City artist revealed Lady Gaga, his “Uptown Funk” collaborator Bruno MarsAdele, the late Amy Winehouse and Yebba stand out to him most.

“I’m not just listing them because they’re the famous ones. They all have this gift, whether it’s intentional or not, this precipice in their voice where it’s just breaking and they know how much it brings you in,” Ronson described. 

He said of Bruno, “He knows how to write a song on this part of his voice where it’s gonna break, where there’s that urgency.” 

Ronson also assessed Adele’s gift, saying when he worked with her, “She was so happy to do 16, 17, 18 takes — not because she didn’t sing it perfectly the first time, but she knew there’s a part where her voice starts to get worn in a little bit, and then there’s that pain in it that makes us all just melt, you know?”

He worked with the Grammy winner on her songs “Cold Shoulder” and “Why Do You Love Me,” from the respective albums 19 and 25.

However, he is unable to say which artist of the group is the most talented. “They’re all fantastic,” he declared.

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