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Mariners Announce $5 Value Games!

Credit: AJ Battalio

Five bucks for a Mariners ticket??  Heck yeah…THAT’S a deal!

Sure, the Mariners are in rebuild mode and a lot of the big name players have moved on or have retired but there are a LOT of tremendous young players waiting to be the next stars of Major League Baseball and you have a chance to experience all that T-Mobile Park has to offer with these great deals!


Check out the full Mariners schedule HERE.


  • March 29 vs. Texas Rangers

  • March 30 vs. Minnesota Twins

  • March 31 vs. Minnesota Twins

  • April 13 vs. Washington Nationals

  • April 28 vs. Los Angeles Angels

  • April 29 vs. Los Angeles Angels

  • April 30 vs. Houston Astros

  • May 12 vs. Oakland Athletics

  • May 13 vs. Oakland Athletics

  • May 14 vs. Oakland Athletics