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Mariah Carey’s attempt to trademark “Queen of Christmas” hits a legal roadblock

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Some may call Mariah Carey the Queen of Christmas, but according to another artist who’s also been referred to by the holiday nickname, Mariah doesn’t have the right to own the trademark to that name.

Singer/songwriter Elizabeth Chan, who solely records Christmas music and has scored numerous Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart hits with her holiday singles, has asked the U.S. Trademark Office to reject one of Mariah’s company’s application to trademark “Queen of Christmas.” The application asks for the exclusive right to use “Queen of Christmas” not just for music, but for everything from soy milk to dog accessories.

Elizabeth, who’s been called “Queen of Christmas” by multiple media outlets since 2014, feels that nobody should be able to own the moniker, especially since Brenda Lee and Darlene Love were also referred to by that name. If Mariah’s application were to succeed, no one else would be allowed to use it.

Elizabeth’s lawyer, Louis Tompros, says in a statement, “Ms. Carey can call herself whatever she wants, but she shouldn’t have the ability to block others from doing the same.” He adds that allowing Mariah to register the name would “unfairly stop people from using a long-standing nickname that’s been given to other artists for decades.” 

“What I want people to understand is that I’m not doing this to get the trademark for myself,” Elizabeth tells ABC Audio. “I am doing this because having been called the Queen of Christmas is an honor. It’s not a possession. And Christmas is meant to be shared. It’s not meant to be outrightly owned or monopolized by a single person.”

Tompros, who calls Mariah company’s filing “trademark abuse,” explains that if the application is successful, she could sue someone who, for example, made and sold a sweater on Etsy that said “Queen of Christmas” on it.

Mariah’s company is required to respond to the opposition or withdraw its application by September 20. When contacted by ABC Audio, Mariah’s reps had no comment on the story.

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