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It just so happens we recorded this episode days after a Maren Morris concert in Redmond, Washington.

..and days before the headlines read that Maren had “Just Turned a Tucker Carlson Insult into $150K for the Trans Community”. (Feel free to Google it, but the short of it is Tucker called Maren a “lunatic” after she defended transgender kids and she used his dig to launch a t-shirt line featuring her name w/ the words “Lunatic Country Music Person”. This raised a ton of money!!!). If you’ve followed Maren long enough, you’d know she is committed to making country music more inclusive and she will never stop fighting to see more diversity in this industry. But the time of the concert and of this episode we didn’t know about Carlson’s insult or about what was going down. Meanwhile Laurie, Claire and Anna chat about the concert and about what Maren had said to the crowd about it that night. By the way, if you’d like to buy one of Maren’s “Lunatic Country Music Person” t-shirts benefitting GLAAD’s Transgender Media Program and Trans Lifeline, visit: . Also, big news! Laurie is a grandma for the 5th time!! Maybe she’ll check to see if Maren’s merch includes onsies!!! – or not.