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Man Builds ‘HOBBIT HOUSE’ in Spokane. MUST SEE! [video]

Ok, it’s not exact but it’s pretty darn cool!  Kind of like a giant NW Craftsman style meets Hobbit.

Check out the KING5 story and video (here)

But that Spokane man is not the only one who has taken on the task of building a ‘hobbit’ house.  Several videos on YouTube, but this one really takes you there…

So now you’re interested, and wondering”Hmmmm, wonder if I could build one of those.”

Well the answer is ‘yes, you can’.  But what kinds of things are needed?  First off, of course you need the perfect plot or location rather.  Let’s say you do, then let’s get to building YOUR hobbit house (HERE).

But if you rather just check out the artistry of ‘other’ hobbit houses, there are actually a few that have covered in stories (in the Northwest) and you can check those out (HERE).

If you’re seriously thinking about building the house, you must consider first what it must be like to ‘live like a hobbit’.  Does this mean give up all your electronics and live off the grid?  For some, that would be a personal preference but for others just not realistic.  No problem, it’s your hobbit life you can live it the way you wish.

But truly to succeed (which I think you would if you went all out and built your hobbit house)…according to Forbes: ‘One of the reasons why Hobbits were so successful in the world beyond, to the point that, in the words of Elrond, they could “arise from their quiet fields to shake the towers and counsels of the Great” is because they have certain habits that predisposed them to success.’

The FORBES Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Hobbits (HERE).

Then one must consider an official hobbit name.  No need to stress, we’ve found a HOBBIT NAME GENERATOR (HERE).


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