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Male Survivor Awareness Day on October 25th

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Historically speaking, domestic and sexual violence has been seen as a women’s issue, but the reality is, survivors and perpetrators can be any gender.

Domestic violence & sexual assault education, awareness, and resources need to become safe and accessible to ALL survivors – which includes people of all ages, genders, races and sexual orientations.

This is why SYTT, Men Healing, MaleSurvivor, & FORGE have partnered together to bring awareness to the realities male survivors face – by launching the very first Male Survivor Awareness Day on October 25th, 2022.

With staggering rates and even fewer resources, male survivors deserve to be supported, heard, safe, & loved.

Awareness goes beyond a single day.

Join us as we seek to reveal the intersectionality of domestic & sexual violence, spread awareness, & commit to uplifting male survivor voices year-round!

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