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Magic’s in the makeup: Pink’s thrilled about care package from Gwen Stefani

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Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank

One of the perks of being a global pop superstar — y’know, in addition to the money, the fame and the adulation — is that other stars will send you free stuff. Just ask Pink.

The singer just posted an Instagram video of herself opening up a package from none other than Gwen Stefani and revealing that it’s chock-full of items from Gwen’s new makeup line, GXVE.

“Uh, thank you beautiful woman that I love for my gorgeous presents!” sings Pink as she opens the box and admires the haul, which appears to include products for lips, eyes and cheeks. She then sings, “I cannot wait to try them and hopefully after I do, I look like you!”

In her post, Pink, who ironically is makeup-free, also models a red GXVE hoodie that was apparently part of the package.

It’s nice that Gwen took time out from celebrating her one-year anniversary of marriage to Blake Shelton to send Pink the gift.

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