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Magical Fairy Village Brings Hope

Fairy Tale Bizarre Fantasy Castle In A Glade With Mushrooms - 3d

Maya turned to the fairies who had taken up residence at a tree in her Virginia neighborhood. And the fairies wrote back.

Beneath a crape myrtle at the edge of a lawn in Norfolk lies a fairy village.

A sign on a small wooden door shaped like a slice of bread lets visitors

know fairies are sleeping behind the smooth bark.

Tiny buildings with mushroom spires and flowers line the sidewalk below.

Perhaps just as important are the cedar tables and chairs,

the paper and the pens.

One mailbox, often brimming with envelopes, welcomes correspondence.

Another offers responses from the likes of the Fairy Godmother,

Fairy Queen Lysandra and Tinker Bell.

And then there are those like Maya and her two friends, sisters Sophie and Cate Carroll.

They’ve become deeply engaged in this fairy world,

which includes pixies, elves, gremlins, hobgoblins and trolls.

The fairies reached out to a local cable provider when Sophie and Cate’s Wi-Fi went down

as school was starting and the company made their network “gremlin free.”

Maya wrote about her 5-year-old brother Aiden, whose hearing disability makes wearing a mask difficult.

The Fairy Godmother sent along masks with clear plastic windows around the mouth.

The “fairy” says “I find myself feeling weighed down by all the negativity,”

“And all it takes is looking out my window and hearing a little girl singing a song from

‘Frozen’ at one of the doors to the tree.

There are no bad days when this is in front of your house.”

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