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Love s’mores, but just don’t have the energy to make them yourself? Oreos to the rescue!

Just in time for your Memorial Day camping trip, or cookout, or bonfire, Oreos steps up with a limited-edition cookie that takes the mess and hassle out of making s’mores. That’s right, S’mores Oreos are here.

According to this news flash from Us magazine:

 . . . the company is bringing the S’mores Oreo to shelves nationwide beginning May 22. The newest limited-edition flavor will feature a chocolate-marshmallow creme filling wedged between two delicious graham cracker cookies, the first-ever to be introduced by Oreo. The Nabisco rep adds that fans will be able to enjoy the iconic summertime delight without the “fuss” and “mess” of actual campfire s’mores — but with a very similar taste.

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