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Seattle ‘Gloom’ Season: You Needing Some Sun and Vacation Time?

Silhouette Of Saguaro Cactus In Sonoran Desert At Sunset, Arizona
Credit: lucky-photographer |

The gray skies, short days, blast of winter in Feb, or perhaps it was the recent VIADOOM that has REALLY tested your patience.  Well, at this point we are gaining 3+ minutes of daylight per day and we ‘spring forward’ on the clocks March 10th.  That will help.    But if you’re in lack of sunshine or just need to ‘get back to you’,  we’ve found some amazing getaways.   Maybe it’s the desert, maybe it’s someplace tropical, it’s all closer than you might think.  So let’s plan a trip:

In the U.S. (HERE)

And want to travel abroad?  Check out these sun destinations (HERE).  If anything, the photos are nice to look at:)