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Looking For Your Forever Valentine? Pekoe The Orange Cat Would Like To Be Yours!


If you’re thinking about expanding your family with a new cat friend, meet Pekoe! He’s just the type of shy guy I love featuring on Wet Nose Wednesday. The purpose of the program is to shine a light on animals that might get overlooked. If you’ve ever been to a shelter, there is usually a charismatic cat or two demanding attention and commanding the spotlight. I know our videos help friends like Pekoe get noticed, with the help of YOUR shares!

He’s waiting in one of the LOVELY cat colony rooms at Auburn Valley Humane Society!

Follow them on FB to celebrate their daily adoptions, help SHARE photos of lost animals looking for their humans AND maybe find YOUR perfect pet!

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It began more than 5 years ago with a PAWS visit every-other-week and has now expanded to a weekly feature adding in Seattle Humane, Regional Animal Services Of King County and Auburn Valley Humane Society.

I’m proud to also include other rescues like Must Luv Boxers, Dog Gone Seattle, Tacoma Humane, Bravepup and Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue for specialty features and transports. I’m also open to hosting any events, voicing PSAs and spreading the love on social media as often as possible.

Thank YOU for supporting rescue and the humans behind it! WARM 106.9 is truly the home of the dog-loving-djs 🙂 and cats!