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Looking for Love? Again?

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6 Small Changes That Will Open Your Heart Back Up!

It might be as easy as changing your mindset?

Here are five false narratives to change so you can open up and find love again

1. You can’t get over your ex and believe you never will

Learn how to twist out your built-up tension and release stress with your breath with these practices. They will help you feel lighter and more positive, all the way around.

2. No one will ever be as good as your ex

Take some time to write down what you love and miss about your ex — as well as what didn’t really work for you. Then, take what you didn’t like and turn that into what you need in your next relationship.

For example, if your ex was naive or easily influenced by others, perhaps next time you need someone savvier with a strong sense of self. Or if your ex was dishonest, then integrity will be something that is a must-have.

3. All your past relationships ended in disaster

You can change your repetitive relational patterns to improve your relationship skill set.

Investing time with a good therapist can help you improve your relationship skills.

4. You were deeply betrayed and don’t think you can ever trust again

When you heal your attachment style and learn to trust yourself, in time you will learn how to trust others, too.

This goal can also be tackled with therapy.

5. You don’t think finding love again is written in the stars for you

No one — other than a good astrologer — really knows what’s written in the stars.

Everyone has their karmic lessons, but they are seldom life sentences.

Now that the unspoken doom and gloom about ever finding love again has been named and validated, it’s time to counter those reasons with some practical hope.

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