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got a vac?  You are in business.

Tom Quirk, 36, uses the hose from his vacuum cleaner to draw things like the Mona Lisa, Donald Trump and a racing car in the fabric.

Tom, a farrier in the Forest of Dean, spoke about the pleasure he’s got over the years from his vacuum cleaner.

He said: ‘It started a couple of years ago when I went to Dunelm and bought a new rug.

‘The following day my wife was working all day.

I was getting on with the house work and noticed how the lines showed up really well when vacuuming with our Shark vacuum.

‘I started just doing stripes then it kind of escalated from there, the following weekend I did curves, followed by different patterns and then a random one of the Silverstone F1 circuit as it was the British grand prix weekend.

‘From there I decided to have a go at famous faces, it started with Jack Nicholson from the shining in the famous “here’s Jonny” scene

‘Then I did the Mona Lisa, Slash, Pennywise, The Joker and my personal favorite Donald Trump.

‘You have to hoover the rug all over in just one direction first so it gives you an all over light image.

‘Then I remove the hose and add the thin attachment to the end and drag the long fibers the opposite direction to get the shadows of faces.

‘It normally takes me about 15 to 20 minutes which isn’t bad considering it took Leonardo Da Vinci four years to do the Mona Lisa.

‘My wife normally comments asking if I have polished or reminding me of other chores that need doing.

But you can’t polish the Mona Lisa into a coffee table.

’Once I’ve finished my two German Shepherd dogs love to come in and roll all over it.’

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