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AJ Battalio, has put his certificate of completion from the prestigious Connecticut School of Broadcasting to good use. He hosts a radio program at KRWM in Seattle, he’s teamed up with Anna D, (we’re still not EXACTLY sure what she does but she has a senior at the beginning of her job title so we know she’s kind of a big shot)these two knuckleheads are hopping on the PODCAST BANDWAGON to give you the best half hour (or so)  they’ve got. Follow them and share their journey with real life everyday struggles and topics, quirky people stories and random conversation that they swear was definitely not planned. Listen & learn a thing or two with us! Or not…we’re not forcing you.

Dirty Places And Disgusting Foods We “Need” To Try!

We talked about a legend passing away, a certain spot in your workplace that is dirtier than most public toilets and deep fried tarantulas??? NO thanks! Mel Robbins Show: Hashtags Used By Online Predators To Lure Kids Mel and internet safety expert, Jesse Weinberger, want you to keep your eyes on your kids’ social media…

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Kid Birthday Stress And Big Girl Scout Cookie News

AJ's son is turning 5 soon and his dilemma...too have the party at home or at some bouncy house/play place that isn't cheap? (but we all know HE is) We also have a new voice this week as Anna D has her lipoma surgery. Life Coach Laurie also graces us with another fabulous life tip.

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Good Gifts vs Bad Gifts and the Holiday In-Law Survival Guide [Podcast]

The crew goes over the top 10 WORST holiday gifts (which some are actually on AJ's "want list") and some helpful tips on getting through one of the biggest stressors for some during the holidays...dealing with the in-laws. Plus Lifecoach Laurie shares her life tip of the week. AJ Battalio, the wide-awake voice of your morning commute, and Anna D, …

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AJ Is A Moron…Err OXYMORON! [Podcast]

Anna D and AJ belt out some of their Christmas favorites (even though AJ says he is NOT ready to hear nonstop Christmas music) We also talk about AJ's greatest customer experience EVER and Lifecoach Laurie gives us another life tip.

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AJ Has A Hole in His Head [Podcast]

AJ had to have a lipoma removed from his head (OUCH) and the crew discuss trick or treating (how old is too old) and Laurie gives us another life tip to help us keep our sanity!

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