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We are all about the Teddy Bear Patrol and we realize how VERY important a child’s Teddy Bear Can be. I posted Friday about my sister being at the Ft. Lauderdale airport during the shooting.  People were running and screaming, families were getting separated and it was very confusing.  This little girl stuffed her Teddy bear somewhere (Story KIRO TV) to keep him safe and now she can’t sleep with out Rufus.  The little girl’s mother, who goes by @klariviere3 on Twitter is looking for Rufus. Let’s spread the word and see if we can help her get her Teddy back? Last Seen Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood Airport Terminal 2 at gate D8. The tan bear appears to have on a red onesie with a hoodie. As for us at WARM 106.9 we will be checking with SeaTac airport security to see if they want to have some teddy bears on hand for emergencies.

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