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Let’s break down the truth about that awkward After the Final Rose!

Where to begin, where. To. Begin!?!?!?

The big Bachelor finale was last night and it wasn’t really a huge surprise that Nick chose Vanessa, right? I mean, let’s be honest, Nick and Raven had fun together, made each other laugh and she told him she loved him. Vanessa and Nick argued about where to live, had super serious convos and she didn’t want to tell him she loved him until she knew he loved her.  It only makes sense that he would go with Vanessa, right?  Sigh, we don’t get it either.  Granted, we had a feeling he would go with Vanessa, even though our hearts wanted Raven.  Stupid love.

Fast forward to the After the Final Rose and it was America’s chance to see the newly engaged couple in all their romantic bliss……..screeeeeeech….. wait, what? There was no bliss!?!?! The two sat there looking strained and serious (much like their on-camera relationship appeared during the season).

Bachelor alums immediately took to Twitter to express their feelings about the seemingly-less-than happy couple!

Former Bachelor, Sean Lowe- What’s the winner going to do with her time this summer while nick is filming BIP?

Sean’s wife, Catherine- This is so real it’s kinda depressing.

Former contestant and BiP star, Jade Tolbert- The vibe of the whole room at After the Final Rose right now is so serious and strange feeling. No?

Former contestant and Bachelorette winner,  JP Rosenbaum- Wtf is going on? This is all making me very uncomfortable. ?

Former Bachelorette- I am always hopeful for happy endings, especially when it comes to my family, but @VanessaGrimaldi doesn’t seem happy?

Only time will tell if the new couple actually makes it to the altar and the Bachelor franchise can count this one as a success or a flop! Here’s hoping they make it!

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