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Leftover Jack-O’-Lanterns?

A Male White Lion And A Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween has come and gone, but the pumpkin you bought to celebrate the holiday likely has not.

There’s plenty that can be done to recycle Halloween pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns if the idea of throwing them away doesn’t seem appealing.

The fruits can be used as compost, as an ingredient in a food or drink recipe, or even served as sustenance for wildlife.

*Make a garden compost

Gardeners can make use of leftover pumpkins by making their own compost.

*Get cooking or baking some pumpkin recipes

Some pumpkins can be used to make a delicious meal, beverage or dessert.

*Take pumpkins to a zoo or farm

Leftover pumpkins can be donated to zoos throughout the country.

*Give pumpkins to a compost expert

Don’t know how to compost? Then give leftover pumpkins to an organization or company that specializes in handling organic material.

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