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Leap Year FUN Facts!

White Block Calendar Present Date 29 And Month February And Plan
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Just what do you know about that elusive date 2/29?  Yes!  2020 is a Leap Year!  Click on for some Leap Year facts to amaze your friends and family.


There’s only 4 million people in the world that are “Leaplings” or Leap Year Babies.  That may sound like a lot, but remember, there are almost 8 BILLION people on earth.

I spoke to two Leaplings this morning.  Jesse from Renton and Carol from Lynnwood.  Jesse joked that his parents used to tease him about only getting presents on his “real” birthday.  Carol mentioned a lot of web forms won’t let you select February 29th as a date so she has to enter March 1st as proxy.  Jesse also mentioned he’s only turning six this year.  Ha!  Ready for kindergarten in the fall bro?

A sincere Happy Birthday to all Leaplings everywhere.  It must truly be a special day for you!