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Lean Into Pain, Let Diversity Enrich Your Life, and a Follow-up on Church & #BLM

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Laurie and Anna D try podcasting w/out their pal Claire this week because she is up to her eyeballs in work. Anna D follows up on her emotional plea for churches to say they stand with Black lives. Life Coach Laurie gives great recommendations on books and movies to help wake us up to racism and recognize it as a crisis. They also challenge you to work up the courage to do what’s right even in the face of rejection. Finally, a disclaimer Anna D forgot to add in this podcast: The Catholic Church opposes racism and discrimination on the basis of race, and it teaches that racism is a sin. Thanks for listening!

Austin Channing Brown: I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness

Disclosure: Netflicks movie.

In this documentary, leading trans creatives and thinkers share heartfelt perspectives and analysis about Hollywood’s impact on the trans community.


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