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TACO TUESDAY TWIST: Larb Gai Lettuce Tacos [recipe]

Credit: Shellie Hart

I was feeling a bit adventurous and made up something fun that turned out soooooo good and super easy to make!  (Just a few things you may need to pick up at grocery, like who has mint lying around:)  Anyhow, found this delish LARB GAI recipe (HERE) and made a bit extra sauce to soak some cucumber in knowing it would be a great topper!

Prepare the sauce first.

Then the meat, I prefer it at a cooler temp.

The lemongrass I grated on top of chicken as well some lime zest, mix in with cilantro and mint and bam!

Toppers included…

  • Crushed dry roasted peanuts
  • Green Onion
  • Cilantro
  • Hoisin or Sweet Chili Sauce (or both:)

Used Iceburg lettuce as shell, fill with more lettuce, chicken then toppers.  (You could also make this a wrap).