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Lake Stevens Teacher Goes Viral on Tik Tok

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Mackenzie Adams said that when she filmed her video, she never intended for it to go viral.

Earlier this week, the kindergarten teacher went viral after she posted a TikTok

video of herself energetically interacting with her students during the remote school day.

During the short clip, the teacher in Lake Stevens,

Washington, enthusiastically encourages her class to participate as during a lesson.

The 24-year-old’s animated approach to virtual learning has won the hearts of social media users;

the video has more than 9 million views and 2 million likes.

She says she wants people to see the effort teachers are putting into their teaching!

Adams was on 3rd hour of TODAY this morning to discuss the video and her contagious teaching skills.

Virtual of course.

Let’s hear it for our teachers!!!!

Full Story: HERE

Tik Tok Video: HERE


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