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Ladies, we’ve got your man!

Fear not ladies! We have a solution to your dateless Valentine’s Day woes!

Rent a Gent is offering Valentine’s dates for $300 an hour. The site features teachers, handymen, butlers, bodyguards, dog trainers, personal trainers, poets, pro athletes and strippers. reads:

Rent a Gent is a new destination site boasting sexy, smart, and sophisticated men for rent. Browse through a curated selection of talented smart men with six packs, hand pick a couple and hire them for your bachelorette party or to cook a fantasy meal, sing, dance, teach guitar, clean, or pose as human furniture.

All gents have been pre-screened and vetted by the Rent a Gent team. They represent the top 1% of the hundreds of men who applied to Rent a Gent. The services include singing, bar tending, dancing, cooking, teaching guitar, and serving as human furniture. Sex is not included but sexy outfits are. Purchase a special outfit for the gent to wear as well as a curated selection of accessories.

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