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Labradoodle What Was I Thinking?

The man who bred the very first Labradoodle says he now regrets creating the famous crossbreed.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio National, the first Labradoodle was bred in 1989

by Wally Conron, a breeding manager for Guide Dogs Victoria back in the 1980s.

The initial purpose of the then-new dog was to be a non-shedding guide dog.

Conron told ABC Radio National that he was very aware of the “poor lady sitting in Hawaii with no guide dog,”

so after three years of attempting to find a solution, he found his answer: A dog with the working ability of the Labrador and the

coat of the poodle. Soon enough, the idea of the Labradoodle was born.


But looking back at it now, he worries that he created “a monster.”

“I bred the labradoodle for a blind lady whose husband was allergic to dog hair,” Conron told ABC Radio National.

He says he doesnt’ understand why people are still breeding them?

The problem is he worries about issues like hip dysplasia?  Elbow issues?

Even though he still regrets breeding the Labradoodle, Conron’s experiment back then led the way for numerous of successful

labradoodle guide dogs and kickstarted the growing “oodle” trend in modern crossbreeds.

According to ABC Radio National, the cavoodlegroodlejackapooschnoodle, golden doodle and many more all stem back to Sultan and his siblings.

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