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Kids and Gardening

Planting Flowers In Pot. Pretty Cute Kids Working And Playing In
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Gardening isn’t just about pretty flowers;

The weather is warm, the sky is blue, and you’d love to get your kids outside to learn about gardening—

but how? How can plants and dirt compete with the joys of screen time?

The key to get kids gardening is to make it fun. Children love plants, but they may

not have the patience to weed all day in the hot sun, or wait for them to flower and bear fruit.

Meet your kids where they are: Involve them with planning the garden, then give them age-appropriate tasks.

Tips before you get started

*Plant for fast results

*Invest in age-appropriate tools

*Listen to your child’s ideas

*Think about scent and texture

*Plant a rainbow

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