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Kentucky Grandmas Go Viral on TikTok

One Take Wonders, residents of a Kentucky nursing home recreate Rihanna’s 1/2 time performance.

Super Bowl LVII may have taken place on Feb. 12, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona — with the Kansas City Chiefs winning the championship against the Philadelphia Eagles — but a group of older ladies are keeping it alive in their very own way.

Rihanna performed at the Apple Music Halftime Show, singing her iconic songs and even hinting she’s expecting her second child during her show — later confirming the pregnancy, as Fox News Digital reported.

Meanwhile, residents at Kentucky Arcadia Senior Living facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky, watched the performance on their own — and decided to try out some of the dance moves themselves for a TikTok video.

The idea for the video came from the social director of community activities at the senior living facility, said the women — and these ladies in their 80s were game to give it a try.

The craziest part?

The now-viral video was done in one take.

The Kentucky ladies said they might make another video for social media — they might come up with something for the Easter holiday, they noted.

Video: HERE

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