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Kelly Clarkson’s Debut 14 Years Ago Today

On April 15, 2003 Kelly Clarkson’s debut album Thankful was released on RCA Records.

Now fourteen years after debuting at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, Thankful has sold 2,745,000 unites, earning double platinum status in the United States, in addition to making charts all over the world.

The album’s lead single “Miss Independent” was released just five days before the album’s release, though it took a lot of effort to get the song to the public Clarkson says. In 2010, she spoke about the song saying “I had to argue with the record label to the point of literally crying to get “Miss Independent” on the album, then they released it as my debut single and it was a hit.”


Clarkson’s breakthrough single was not originally written for Thankful though. The song began as music by composer Rhett Lawrence, who first pitched the song to Destiny’s Child. They declined. Christina Aguilera would be the first person to express interest in working on the song. Aguilera became a co-writer on the song with Lawrence, intending it to be released on her upcoming album fourth Stripped.


However Aguilera who also happened to be signed to RCA, left the song unfinished, and RCA then offered the song to Clarkson. Although Christina Aguilera was initially upset with her label for giving “Miss Independent” away without her permission, she spoke to Total Request Live and spoke to Clarkson through the camera, “if the song was to go to anyone I’m glad that it went to you because you gave it justice.” “Miss Independent” would give Kelly Clarkson her first Grammy nomination in 2004 in the Best Female Vocal Pop Vocal category.

Thankful would go on to spawn other hits such as “A Moment Like This” and “Before Your Love”, both released together as a double A-side single. Since her debut album fourteen years ago, Clarkson has released seven studio albums, with a new album expected this June.
In a November interview with People magazine, Clarkson said she plans to release a new single in April 2017, and have her eighth studio album come out in June. The upcoming album will be her first without the RCA record label she signed to fourteen years ago, this time around opting for Atlantic Records.
We’ll hope for a Seattle tour date after the new album gets released! Kelly Clarkson last performed in Seattle on August 12, 2015 with Eric Hutchinson, Pentatonix, and Abi Ann.


Warm 106.9 deejay Heather attended the show and had this to say: “We all know she has a phenomenal voice and great songs, but most striking to me? Her FANS. Kelly Clarkson’s fans are some of the most energetic, passionate, respectful humans. It makes standing in the massive KeyArena feel cozy.”


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