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Kelly Clarkson… Strong Lady!

Friends say the pandemic played a large roll in Kelly Clarkson’s divorce.  Sources say she and her husband we’re just living like friends or roommates.  They didn’t have time for each other despite all the time forced to stay home.  Sad… but Kelly herself also says she’ll do everything she can to minimize the impact on the kids.


Take the time to be with each other… date nights, flirting, all the stuff you did in the beginning!  Oh, and most importantly, don’t have “friends” that talk behind your back.  I’m ALWAYS suspect of that when I read “friends say” or “sources close to the star say”… what a violation of trust, right??

That or it’s just straight garbage!  Sources close to the star… yeah right…

You’re not close, you’re not friends just because you have a Kelly Clarkson playlist on Itunes.

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