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Kelly Clarkson laughs her way through her fans’ hilarious holiday fail stories

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If you experienced an embarrassing Christmas fail this year, leave it to Kelly Clarkson to help you feel better.  

Taking to her YouTune channel on Saturday, the singer laughed her way through the most hilarious holiday fails submitted by her fans.

The storytelling had a strong start, with one person admitting that their Christmas tree not only toppled over on top of their mother-in-law, they also took a photo that they shared with Kelly.  That elicited an “Oh, snap!” and a chuckle from the Grammy winner before she wondered aloud, “Is she okay?… That had to kind of hurt.”

Other fan-submitted stories include a five-foot-tall dancing Santa that lost its head and scared a small child, a bunch of praying mantis babies hatching in someone’s Christmas tree, a family settling for a Burger King holiday meal because the turkey wasn’t going to cook in time, and a dog eating the engagement ring someone planned to propose with at the family dinner, after which it took them two days to “get the ring back.”

When dishing on the latter story, Kelly marveled, “I wonder if he told her that day or just let the dog poop it out and then he told her… And that’s the ring you’re getting!  You’re getting a poop ring!  I don’t know if that’s a good omen.”

Kelly also flipped through several photos fans shared of their hysterical children crying on Santa’s lap and remarked, “We traumatize our children, don’t we?  We’re like, ‘Just take the picture!  Smile!'”  The Voice coach admitted she’s also forced her little ones, River Rose and Remington Alexander, to take photos with Santa, and they also threw a fit.

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