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Katy Perry will continue Las Vegas show “if the demand is there,” but wants to travel with Daisy, too

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ABC/Eric McCandless

Katy Perry‘s Las Vegas residency PLAY has been a big success, but Katy says at some point she’s going to have to hit the road again — if only so she can show her daughter, Daisy, the world.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Katy says she’s not sure what the status of PLAY will be after her eight shows in October. “If the demand is there, I’ll just keep playing,” she predicts, noting that a residency represents “the pinnacle” when you’re a pop star.

However, Katy says she doesn’t want to ignore her fans who can’t make it to Vegas to see her, so a world tour is something she’s definitely got planned for the future.

“I want to put out new music that would support those world tours because as much fun as it is … having all these people from around the world come and visit me, I still need to come and visit you. It’s important for me,” Katy says to ET.

And of course, she’s got Daisy, who turns 2 in August, to think about.

“I love traveling and now I get to take my daughter and I want to have that experience once again through her eyes,” Katy notes.

However, the American Idol judge says she’s grateful for the opportunity to perform in Las Vegas, especially because her residency show is, as she says, “really for all ages.”

“I’ve seen 6-year-olds way past their bedtime at this show,” she says. “I’ve seen 80-year-olds bringing their grandchildren. It just makes me so happy that people are responding in that way.”

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