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Katy Perry stresses over her toddler’s fascination with electrical outlets

Katy Perry
ABC/Gavin Bond

Katy Perry is finding out real fast how stressful it can be to have a toddler. Her daughter, Daisy Dove, is doing a great job preparing her for the so-called “terrible twos” after developing a fascination with electrical outlets. 

Speaking Tuesday on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Katy opened up about her child’s stressful new habit. “If you gave [her] all of the toys that you ever wanted to [give] to a kid, they would still want to touch electrical outlets,” Katy lamented, which earned sympathetic remarks from host Kelly Ripa.  

The Grammy nominee then beseeched toymakers to “make a plushy electrical outlet” so she can use “reverse psychology” on Daisy.  “She loves to push her boundaries,” Katy explained, hinting that is how she hopes to teach her daughter that electricity is not a toy.

In other developments, Katy revealed her little one also has a penchant for throwing her “food on the floor to the dogs.”  The singer then recreated the creepy, wide-eyed smile her daughter displays whenever she drops her food.

Speaking alongside her fellow American Idol judges about the times they prefer to record music, Katy also revealed she puts Daisy to bed at 7 p.m. before she heads into the studio.

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