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Katy Perry shares expanded behind-the-scenes look of ’PLAY’ residency

ABC/Eric McCandless

Katy Perry is gearing up for the fourth leg of her Las Vegas residency, PLAY. With shows resuming July 29, she took Refinery29 on a special behind-the-scenes look.

In the nearly 10-minute video, Katy went through the thought process and inspiration behind each scene.

“This show is really a celebration of all things that I’ve been able to do and all the music I have been able to put out — and all the success and songs and nostalgia,” the “Unconditionally” singer expressed, adding each act celebrates a different music era. “My show is like pretty much a family friendly show. I say it’s 8 to 80!”

Katy also walked through all her costume changes and showed the space where she runs to get ready for the next scene. “It’s like the pit at a NASCAR race,” she joked, explaining she holds onto a metal bar as her team zips her into her next outfit.  

Making sure the show is 100 percent every time can be a challenge: Katy revealed she’ll perform for three weeks and pauses between can last up to nine weeks. Aside from ensuring she never forgets the choreography, Katy also works out between the runs, which she admits is not her favorite thing.

So, what is her favorite thing? “The continual jaw-dropness of the audience,” she raved.

Overall, Katy is loving her Vegas run.  “I couldn’t take this type of show on the road… This show is truly larger than life,” she said, adding the venue size allows for a more intimate performance. “i get to really be close to the people… It feels intimate.”

Katy hopes all her fans get to see PLAY because, she says, it’ll remind them of the joy of childhood.

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