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Justin “Bubba” Bieber and Hailey “Bean” Baldwin?

Their Instagram is full of sweet snapshots and even a romantic poem for his lady love.  Now Justin and Hailey have revealed their nicknames for each other.  Justin calls Hailey “Bean” and Hailey calls Justin “Bubba”.  Yuck.  Wait… no… What I meant to say was… Isn’t that adorable?

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my only bubba

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They are constantly sharing messages of love and encouragement through their social accounts that are also shared with the world.  That seems so foreign to me.  My wife and I have been together for close to twenty years and not once have I felt it necessary to share those private moments with anyone else.  Is that just the way it is nowadays?  Am I turning into the “you damn kids and your Nintendo, get off my lawn” guy?  I sure hope not.  But the generational difference is starting to show it’s ugly head.

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This is my bean

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When I was a kid the only way something private as the inner workings of a relationship were broadcast were if the teacher got a hold of a passed note and read it aloud to the class.

My advice to Justin and Hailey:  Live your life a little more off the grid.  The strongest relationships  grow from people who are comfortable enough with each other that the don’t need the validation of others.  But what do I know?  Get off my lawn.  Ha, ha, ha.



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