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Jumping to Conclusions Can Be a Contact Sport


It feels like heroes and idols are rising and falling at the speed of light these days:

“The Bachelor“, “The Mandalorian“, and the Seattle Mariners all lost someone important

this week based on their own words and deeds.

Join Coach Laurie, Anna, and Claire as we talk about the latest in “cancel culture”

and where some older stars like Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster fit in with the current conversation.

Also, does someone’s past behavior make us to jump to conclusions about their current situation?

Because Tiger Woods made the news this week for something that it’s possible he couldn’t control.

Plus, Laurie was in the Spotlight in an important place,

Claire is facing personal challenges with dogs, cats, and five-year-olds,

and Anna reviews “Mary Poppins”. Or Not

Podcast: HERE