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Jumping into a Family of 14

She watched the video over and over, 7 siblings needed a for-ever home.

May is National Foster Care Month.

A three-minute news story is all it took, to change her family’s life forever.

Seven siblings were featured in the video.

They had just been through unthinkable trauma and were still processing their grief and loss.

Their parents were killed in a tragic accident.

The children were all thrown from the vehicle in the rollover crash, but incredibly, all of them survived.

Ages 2 to 13 at the time, the children were in foster care and were in need of one forever family

willing to take them all in and provide a new, loving home.

The story went viral and was shared countless times on Facebook.

When it crossed Pam’s feed, she stopped to watch it, and the children instantly captured her heart.

The first thing I thought of was,  ‘No one’s going to have room for them.’

And the second thing I thought was ‘I have room for them.”

Pam said she wasn’t sure how her husband Gary would react.

So she simply tagged him in the post and waited.

Later that night, Pam asked Gary if he had seen

the story about the seven siblings on Facebook.

The rest… history!!!

Full Story: HERE

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